Beaumont, TX – Truck Wreck with Injuries Reported on I-10

Beaumont, TX (October 19, 2023) – The Beaumont Police Department was called to the scene of a major truck accident that occurred on Interstate 10 during the afternoon hours.

On October 17, calls for assistance came in regarding a crash that occurred on Interstate 10.

Reports provided by the police show that a semi-truck, a FedEx truck, and at least three other vehicles collided in the 1800 block of Interstate 10. The incident prompted the response of hazmat in the closure of the roadway between College Street and Washington Boulevard.

Emergency medical services responded to the scene to care for the injured victims. Those harmed were transported to local hospitals for further treatment.

At this time, the incident is being investigated.

We hope the injured victims recover quickly.

Truck Accidents in Texas

Beaumont, TX – Truck Wreck with Injuries Reported on I-10Truck accidents are unfortunately all too common on our roads. Due to their size and weight, these types of accidents can cause devastating injuries and damages. Tens of thousands of other victims are left with serious injuries that impact their lives forever. Many of these accidents can be attributed to some form of negligence.

One of the most common causes is driver error, such as distracted driving or failure to obey traffic laws. Truck drivers may be under pressure to meet tight deadlines and drive long hours, leading to fatigue and impaired driving ability.

Another factor in truck accidents is improper maintenance or equipment failure. Trucks require regular maintenance checks to ensure that brakes, tires, and other components are functioning properly. When these systems fail due to neglect or faulty parts, it can lead to serious accidents.

Weather conditions also play a role in truck accidents due to the fact that it make it more difficult for drivers to see the road ahead or maintain control of their vehicle. In some cases, roads may be closed due to hazardous weather conditions but trucks are still on the roads.

Another cause of truck accidents is overloaded cargo or improperly secured loads. When trucks carry too much weight or have unsecured items within them, they become harder for drivers to control, which can lead them into an accident.

If you have been injured as a result of a truck accident, you should reach out to our national truck accident lawyers right away. You may have legal options available to help you move forward.

At Burg Simpson, we are committed to being your advocate when it comes to filing a claim after your serious injury. Our team will work tirelessly on behalf of you and your family so that those who are legally responsible for the crash will be held accountable for their actions. We understand how important financial relief can be during difficult times, which is why we strive to get you maximum compensation so that you can put this behind you and focus on recovering from this traumatic experience. If you need help with a truck accident claim, contact our national truck accident law firm today at 888-895-2080 to schedule a free consultation.

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