Comparing Truck Accidents to Car Accidents

Each year, there are more than 200,000 commercial truck accidents reported across the United States. By contrast, an average of more than 6 million car accidents occur annually. While car accidents are far more common than truck accidents, both types of collisions can result in major injuries and death. There are several differences between the two, both legally and practically. Handling a truck accident case involves a different approach than a car accident case. In this article, we will compare truck accidents to car accidents and how victims of truck accidents can protect themselves in the aftermath of the crash.

As always, if you or a loved one have suffered injuries in a commercial truck accident, you should take steps to protect yourself right away. This includes speaking with a seasoned national truck crash lawyer about your legal options. Here at Burg Simpson, we stand ready to assist you at any time.

Truck Accident Injuries  Comparing Truck Accidents to Car Accidents

In 2021, more than 150,000 people were hurt and approximately 5,000 lost their lives in commercial truck crashes across the United States. By contrast, more than 2 million were hurt and approximately 47,000 people lost their lives in car accidents during that same year. While these numbers show that the volume of injuries and fatalities in car accidents is greater, they do not tell the whole story.

A fully loaded semi-truck is a massive vehicle, weighing up to 80,000 pounds. By comparison, a large passenger pickup truck weighs approximately 5,000-6,000 pounds. It is not difficult to understand why a semi-truck crash can produce devastating and catastrophic injuries. The injury rate for deaths and serious injuries in truck accidents is far greater than the rate for personal vehicle crashes. This can mainly be attributed to the sheer size and force of a semi-truck and the resulting damage caused by the crash.

Some of the most common injuries sustained in semi-truck accidents include:

  • Head trauma, including TBIs
  • Broken bones
  • Disfigurement
  • Internal injuries
  • Soft tissue injuries such as strains and sprains

The same injuries may occur in car accidents, however, due to the unique factors of commercial vehicle crashes, victims are more likely to suffer major injuries. These are significant and will require extensive medical care.

Truck Accident Liability

The issue of liability is at the center of every traffic accident case. Determining how the crash occurred and who should be held legally responsible is the first question that must be answered. In cases involving car accidents, liability is usually fairly straightforward. In other words, the driver of the car that caused the accident is the typical defendant in a car accident case with few exceptions.

In a truck accident case, however, liability is a more complex concept. Like with car accidents, the truck drivers themselves can be legally responsible for the crash. However, there are also other individuals or entities who may bear legal responsibility. For instance, under the legal principle of vicarious liability, a trucking company can be held responsible for the negligent acts of its drivers. Some other potential defendants in a truck accident case include mechanics and technicians, as well as product and equipment manufacturers.

Holding the appropriate parties responsible for a truck crash involves taking a comprehensive look at the situation and deciding why and how the accident took place. The potential for multiple defendants is one area where truck accident litigation differs from cases involving car accidents.

Damages in a Truck Accident Case

There are various types of damages available to truck accident victims, including:

  • Pain and suffering
  • Lost wages
  • Medical and prescription bills
  • Punitive damages
  • Loss of earning capacity and potential
  • Loss of affection and companionship

The damages available to victims in car accident cases are similar or largely the same as in truck accident cases. In instances where a victim suffers serious or permanent damages, it is important to value the case appropriately to reflect the cost of future medical care.

Legal Considerations

When you have been involved in a truck accident, it is important to obtain legal counsel right away. Truckers and trucking companies play a vital role in sustaining the American economy and our way of life. However, accidents happen and trucking companies are not above the law. They should be held legally responsible for negligence that leads to injuries just like anyone else.

Not surprisingly perhaps, trucking companies often dig in following an accident and refuse to pay reasonable damages to victims. A truck crash can lead to hundreds of thousands or more than a million dollars in legal liability. The trucking company may fight every step of the way in an effort to ensure that they do not have to pay.

With an attorney on your side, you can level the playing field. If you are represented, you can rest assured that your rights are protected and that the truck insurance company must negotiate fairly and in good faith. Too often, victims make the mistake of trying to represent themselves. This usually leads to an inadequate settlement and the loss of thousands of dollars in compensation.

Nationwide Truck Crash Lawyers

Here at Burg Simpson, we provide legal help for victims and families in need. Our nationwide truck accident lawyers can assist you during this difficult time. We aim to provide answers to your legal situation. This allows victims to move forward and to protect their future. The compensation that you receive can be used to offset many of the unexpected expenses that you are suddenly facing as well as to put you on more secure ground in the weeks, months, and years after the accident. Truck crashes can be devastating and catastrophic. Having appropriate and zealous legal representation ensures that you are on even ground with the trucking company and its insurance adjusters.

Our firm is standing by to take your call at any time. We always provide free consultations and case evaluations for all potential and prospective clients. There is no fee until we win. To schedule your appointment with one of our lawyers, please reach out to us using the link on our website or give us a call at (866) 695-1325.


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