Hancock County, IN – Fatal Truck Crash on I-70 near MM 99 Takes One Life

Hancock County, IN (August 20, 2023) – On Friday evening, the Hancock County Sheriff’s Department responded to the scene of a fatal accident that claimed one person’s life.

At around 10:40 p.m. on August 18, calls for help came in surrounding a crash on Interstate 70.

Preliminary reports show that a minor crash took place on the westbound side of the interstate near mile marker 98. As a result of the accident, one of the vehicles had a flat tire and was stopped on the right side of the road. The incident caused a major backup on the interstate, which extended several miles down the road.

As a result of the backup, a multi-vehicle collision occurred just past mile marker 100.

The second accident involved multiple semi-trucks and a pickup truck that was pulling a car hauler trailer.

The second collision involved a truck that crashed into the rear of the truck in front of it. As a result, the driver became trapped inside their vehicle. Authorities arrived at the scene and located the driver with fatal injuries. The victim was pronounced dead at the scene.

At this time, the crash is being investigated.

Our sympathies are with the family of the victim who died in this accident.

Fatal Truck Accidents in Indiana

Hancock County, IN – Fatal Truck Crash on I-70 near MM 99 Takes One LifeFatal automobile accidents can be incredibly difficult for families to deal with. Unfortunately, thousands of people die as a result of truck accidents in the United States annually. In many instances, these crashes involve some form of negligence. Leading factors include:

Distracted Driving: Both truck drivers and other motorists can be distracted by various activities, such as texting, talking on the phone, eating, or using in-car entertainment systems. This distraction can prevent timely reactions to changes in traffic conditions, leading to rear-end collisions.

Brake Failure or Malfunction: Mechanical issues, such as brake failure or malfunction, can prevent a truck from slowing down or stopping effectively. In such cases, the truck driver may lose control and collide with the vehicle in front.

Following Distance: Trucks require a longer distance to come to a complete stop due to their size and weight. If a truck driver is following too closely behind another vehicle or is unable to maintain a safe following distance, they may not have enough time to stop in case of sudden braking, resulting in a rear-end collision.

If your loved one died as a result of the fatal rear-end truck accident, your family may be able to recover financial compensation for some of the damages you face. It is important to reach out to a fatal truck accident lawyer right away to protect your rights and get started on the case against the responsible party.

Burg Simpson stands ready to help you through this difficult process, providing decades of combined experience and compassionate representation. Reach out to us today at (888) 895-2080 for more information about your specific case so that we may fight on your behalf and achieve justice for your family during this very difficult time.

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