Steps to Take Immediately After a Truck Accident

There are millions of semi-trucks and commercial vehicles that travel on our country’s roadways each day. The large majority of these vehicles make it to and from their destinations safely. Most commercial truck drivers and trucking companies prioritize safety in all aspects of their jobs. However, not all of them do. Negligence by truck drivers and carriers can lead to serious collisions that impact the lives and property of those affected. A commercial truck accident tends to be far more deadly and dangerous than an accident involving a regular passenger vehicle for obvious reasons. A fully loaded tractor-trailer can weigh up to 15 times the amount of a passenger car or pickup truck.

If you or a loved one have been affected by a truck accident anywhere in the United States, there are certain steps that you should always take following the collision. These steps will help to protect your health and safety and also to preserve your legal rights. Here, we will take a look at some things that truck accident victims can do to protect themselves both immediately after the crash and in the days and weeks afterward.

Our national truck accident attorneys at Burg Simpson are always standing by to speak with you about your legal needs following a truck crash.

Truck Accident Statistics  Steps to Take Immediately After a Truck Accident

According to national statistics, approximately 150,000 people are injured in commercial vehicle accidents each year. Of these victims, about 5,000 will tragically lose their lives. More than 60% of truck accident injuries occur to individuals in the other vehicle while less than 40% of truck accident injuries involve truck drivers.

Most truck accidents occur during the daytime hours and take place on non-interstate roadways. The most common causes of truck accidents include speeding, distraction, impaired driving, and maintenance and equipment malfunction.

Steps to Take Immediately Following a Truck Accident

The immediate moments following a commercial truck accident may seem confusing and overwhelming. Victims may be suffering from serious injuries affecting major parts of their bodies, such as head and neck injuries, broken bones, internal injuries, and other trauma.

The first thing that should be done after a truck accident is to seek medical care right away. While some injuries may seem obvious, others do not manifest themselves until days or sometimes weeks following the accident. Soft tissue and joint injuries may be masked by the adrenaline from the crash, only to later appear and then worsen, eventually forcing victims to see their doctor. In general, the sooner an injury is treated, the better the long-term prognosis will be. Having an early diagnosis allows for the best approach to medical care and can reduce the chances of a treatable injury becoming a lingering concern.

Documenting the Scene

If victims are physically able, they should strongly consider documenting the scene of the crash. Documenting may consist of the following activities

  • Taking photographs of the vehicles involved and the surrounding area
  • Noting any traffic markers such as stop lights or stop signs
  • Observing the position of the vehicles following the crash
  • Obtaining witness statements and contact information
  • Speaking with law enforcement officers about the crash and the events leading up to it

Having thorough documentation is important because memories tend to fade over time. Witnesses may also disappear and be unavailable to offer their observations as time passes following the crash. Having a clear picture of the accident and the crash scene immediately following the incident is often the best evidence of what occurred.

Speaking With the Insurance Company

Following a truck accident, victims may receive a call from an insurance carrier representing the truck driver and their company. Truck insurance carriers are often aggressive and will use various tactics to avoid paying a claim or to minimize the liability of their insured customer. The adjuster may appear to have your best interest in mind by offering a quick settlement.

It is important to remember that the truck insurance company is not on your side at this point. Their only goal is to save money and try to settle injury claims as soon as possible. Many truck accident victims will oblige by giving recorded statements and allowing free access to their medical records. These mistakes can end up costing them thousands of dollars later on.

Before speaking with the insurance company, it is important to have skilled legal representation to advise you based on your best interest.

Hire an Attorney

The best advice for any truck accident victim is to hire competent representation as soon as possible. Due to the serious nature of truck accident injuries, there is often much at stake. Victims who try to handle their own cases often end up with an inadequate settlement that fails to take into account the full cost of their losses, including lost wages and future medical bills. Having an attorney by your side is the only way to guarantee that your rights are protected and that you are receiving the compensation that you deserve.

National Truck Accident Lawyers

Here at Burg Simpson, our team of skilled nationwide truck crash lawyers and legal professionals are here to help you at any time. We know that a truck crash can change your life in many negative ways. Following the accident, there are important steps that must be taken to preserve both your health and the integrity of your claim. Speaking with us as soon as possible puts you in the best position to secure and protect your future.

We are standing by to speak with you at any time. Our firm provides free consultations and case evaluations for all potential and prospective clients. We work on a contingency fee basis so there is no financial obligation until we obtain a recovery on your behalf. Your time to act may be limited so it is important to contact us right away.

When you need a tough and reliable law firm, you can count on us to produce results. To schedule your free appointment with a member of our team, please reach out to us using our online intake form or give us a call at (888) 895-2080.


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